“We use to dream of participating in a festival like this.” Vasu Dixit – Swarathma


In its continued efforts to feature Ooty’s tribal legacy, the Royal Family at Ooty opened the first day of MAD festival with an invocation by the TODA and KOTA tribes. Performing in their tribal attire, the groups set the mood to this magical mix of tribal, contemporary, funk and jazz music festival!

The MADness then unfolded with KRYPTOS taking centrestage! Needless to say a mind-blowing performance!

MAD Festival Ooty

Kryptos performing at the MAD Festival

Meanwhile, at stage 2, or as we call it Calaloo, ringing it in Royal Style at Fernhills Palace was VAYALI, a Kerala based Bamboo Orchestra. Melodious, soothing and calm, no better ask on a serene morning under a tree at the MAD Festival at Ooty.

Then came rolling in with bursts of colour was SWARATHMA and their music with a message. The MAD festival got MADDER with SWARATHMA doling out music that got the crowd jumping for more. 

Swarathma performing at the MAD festival

Swarathma performing at the MAD festival

As the sun slowly went down, a walk through the woods and through Ooty’s very own funky bazaar at the MAD festival was truly beautiful.

The evening only got better with power packed performances by RAGHU DIXIT PROJECT and INDIAN OCEAN. With the sudden surge of people it was evident they knew what they wanted and did not go back unsatisfied.

Day 1 saw a magnificent end… only to let us know what we have in store for the next 2 days!

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“We use to dream of par…

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