T.A.A.Q. a performance worth the wait!

Having built its fan base across the globe, fans at the MAD Festival made it a point to be at stage 1 to catch Thermal and a Quarter do what they do best. An electrifying performance by the band at the palace left ll in attendance wanting more.


When asked what they thought of the destination for the festival, T.A.A.Q. went back to their college concerts where sweat, dirt and music went hand in hand and how they were surprised at how pleasant and inviting Ooty was for a music festival.


Cloudy skies and a slight drizzle, brought out the big orange canopies on stage, but that was no reason to slow it down. Beautiful skies and the magnificent palace only made the performance even more memorable.

Glad that music in India was finally getting its platform, T.A.A.Q. was all thumbs up for the M.A.D. Festival at The Fernhills Palace, Ooty.


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