Centenary celebrations of the iconic Lawley Institute

Over the years, Lawley institute has become a landmark on Ooty’s landscapes. Located near the famed botanical gardens, Lawley provides accommodation and recreational facilities to its privileged members, their family and friends. Touted as one of the few early all Indian’s club in South India, Lawley institute has come a long way.

Formed on September 15, 1911, Lawley Institute was a recreational and meeting place for the upper class Indians, during the British era. Not happy with the way Indian’s were treated in various British clubs like Ooty club or Ooty Gymkhana, this was to be an exclusive Indian club.
Lawley institute has been having various events to mark its centenary year of formation. Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace was extremely delighted to be a part of the Lawley Institutes centenary celebrations. An enriching culture and tradition that Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace and Lawley Institute represent, was the essence of the evening.

As Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace was going to host an iconic institution’s centenary celebrations, it was essential to have impeccable service and hospitality. Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace was responsible for the overall arrangements, to ensure that the guests had a lovely evening. In the end, it was a befitting match and we are extremely proud to have been associated with Lawley for a delightful evening.


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