Ooty’s very own 5 star hotel with personalized services

Everytime you visit a hotel you see the amenities and the facilities that they provide.

But what if, you stepped into a hotel and you were just swept away into a different era? That’s Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace for you.















heritage palace, that’s now converted into a world-class hotel with 5 star quality services and luxury amenities, right here in Ooty.

It’s a vintage palace with calm and serene surroundings where people usually visit to do some soul searching. A place where you could actually sit back and enjoy the playful birds as they chirp around the treetops; vast expanses of open grounds, lovely views of the valley, serene woods for a romantic evening walk, all this and more is what FernhillsRoyaalPalace offers.

There is one other thing that the palace prides itself in, and that is the Service. The ever cheerful and efficient hospitality staff always ensures that the smallest of personal needs, of every guest, are satisfied. They are like an invisible hand that gets things done proficiently, while you go about enjoying your leisure vacation.

For information on reservations, hotel bookings and current hotel packages do visit http://www.fernhillspalace.co.in.


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