Feast of a royal banquet experience, for the new age traveler

Ball Room2 003

Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace is a royal palace for some while a calm isle of rejuvenation for others. For His Highness Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiyar it is a palace of lovely memories, fantastic weather and an amazing life experience. He believes that every visitor to the palace should be able to take back some amazing experiences that he will cherish for life. So even if you are not staying at Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace, don’t lose heart, you can now experience the royal banquet experience every day.

Ambience : The banquet hall at Ferrnhills Royaal Palace is one of the grandest venues in Ooty. It has been host to many social and family events like school reunion, book launches, wedding receptions and even film shoots. As the early morning rays streak into the banquet hall the calm and serene ambience is almost magical. The grand Durbar hall today is host to a royal breakfast, lunch and dinner spread. Personal involvement of the Maharaja has ensured the best in line equipment with best is business food. With its new range of equipments like- dessert display, cold cuts, coffee maker, plate warmer, snacks warmer – the presentation is very sophisticated.The banquet hall view

Food: Apart from the presentation, special attention is given to the kind of food that is served. An amazing variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian food awaits you for lunch while live music in the background during dinners makes it even more special. There are juices, fresh fruits and cornflakes along with eggs of your choice, and a mix of south Indian fare for breakfast.

The lunch and dinner is a wide spread with salads, indian breads of your choice, veg / non veg curries , flavoured rice ,pastas, and desserts. There is also an ala carte menu available for those who wish to make their own choice. The executive chef is always around to make sure your dining experience is great.


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