Papon’s Soulful music from MTV studio and MAD festival

Papon enthralled the audience at Fernhills Palace Ooty, at the recently concluded MAD festival. The very talented Papon, did it again in the latest episode of MTV coke studio, where his performance of Tokari, has caught on everybody’s imagination.

Tokari is a folk song from Assam. Tokari is a form of traditional folk music in Assam, which also originates from the Assamese instrument dukari. Papon has added a lot of electronic elements to the song. This form of folk music is slowly dying out in Assam & this is Papon’s attempt to give it some focus and bring it back to life.


Glimpses of the M.A.D music festival at the Queen of hill stations Ooty

It’s more than three months, since the MAD festival and we are still dizzy from the glitz and frenzy that unfolded for three days in the month of April at Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace Ooty. Three days of Music, Art and Dance, a whirlwind of activities, soulful music right from rock to folk and free spirited indulgence – all on the star-lit lawns and woods of the Ferrnhills Property.
Our 40 acre property was milling with music lovers, travelers, photographers and the like. All had come together to celebrate music that cuts across genres and countries. The ‘MAD’ culmination of music, arts and cultures against the backdrop of our Heritage Hotel, kind of transported us back in time, when Maharaja’s patronized various art and cultural activities to promote a talent or creed. It was befitting that a contemporary music festival be held in the erstwhile summer palace of Maharaja of Mysore, in the picturesque hill station of Ooty. As the likes of Raghu Dixit and Papon performed to a live audience, everybody relaxed and rejuvenated in the perfect weather of Ooty.
Our guest list included Raghu Dixit, Papon, Indian Ocean and Isha Sharvani. As they soaked in the colonial charm, we strived to ensure that all the guests and the audience got to enjoy every minute of their time spent at Ferrnhills. It was a MAD extravaganza that had continuous performances on two stages built on either side of the woods at Fernhills property. The woods doubled up as the bar and a flea market, where audience could relax and shop to their heart’s content. Big brands like Kingfisher, Blackdog and Signature had set up this bar in the nature’s lap. The jam sessions and the paintball zone added the zing factor to this vibrant festival . We look forward to hosting another M.A.D festival in near future.

Isha Sharvani’s dance video from the MAD festival Ooty

As Isha Sharvani performed at Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace to a mesmerized audience, all we could think of was capturing this great dance form into a video and treasuring it for life. Isha is an accomplished acrobat dancer, whose claim to fame were the flawless aerial moves in the movie Kisna. More recently she has become a household name for her beautiful renditions of various bollywood dance numbers on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, a popular show on Colours Television channel.

Daksha Sheth Dance Company and Isha have put together the dance show named Shiva Shakti that was performed at Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace. They will be touring this show for the year 2012. It is a Tantrik interpretation of freedom. It is a representation of a desire to unbound, and go beyond boundaries. Seeing Isha perform live against the backdrop of an erstwhile palace was magical and the vast expanses of lawns made the dance interpretation of being free come alive. The dance form, though contemporary is an improvement on various Indian dance forms and skills.

With great reviews from Madhuri Dixit, Remo and Karan Johar, along with some astounding scores, we are sure that she will emerge as one of the toughest contests to beat on this show. Here’s wishing Isha great success for her television endeavor. We hope to see many more brilliant performances on the show, just like the one that we witnessed at Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace, Ooty.

Reliving the MAD festival on world music day

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Ferrnhills RoyaalPalace was proud to host the first edition of MAD music festival in Ooty. It was three days of music, magic, thrill and excitement. Acknowledging the World music day, that was on 21st june, we bring to you a few pictures of the MAD festival.

T.A.A.Q. a performance worth the wait!

Having built its fan base across the globe, fans at the MAD Festival made it a point to be at stage 1 to catch Thermal and a Quarter do what they do best. An electrifying performance by the band at the palace left ll in attendance wanting more.


When asked what they thought of the destination for the festival, T.A.A.Q. went back to their college concerts where sweat, dirt and music went hand in hand and how they were surprised at how pleasant and inviting Ooty was for a music festival.


Cloudy skies and a slight drizzle, brought out the big orange canopies on stage, but that was no reason to slow it down. Beautiful skies and the magnificent palace only made the performance even more memorable.

Glad that music in India was finally getting its platform, T.A.A.Q. was all thumbs up for the M.A.D. Festival at The Fernhills Palace, Ooty.


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Performing at a palace – the EXPERIENCE!

India’s best bands were at the MAD Festival at Ooty and what a treat for every music enthusiast. “Woodstock comes to Ooty” they said… with fans sprawled across the lawns, the feeling was pretty much of Woodstock!

Apart from the sheer thrill of music festivals coming to India, the bands were amazed at the location! Kudos to Cobalt for pulling of a festival at a PALACE!

What Raghu Dixit had to say…





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“And then I saw this magnificent structure…” – Raghu Dixit

“We use to dream of participating in a festival like this.” Vasu Dixit – Swarathma


In its continued efforts to feature Ooty’s tribal legacy, the Royal Family at Ooty opened the first day of MAD festival with an invocation by the TODA and KOTA tribes. Performing in their tribal attire, the groups set the mood to this magical mix of tribal, contemporary, funk and jazz music festival!

The MADness then unfolded with KRYPTOS taking centrestage! Needless to say a mind-blowing performance!

MAD Festival Ooty

Kryptos performing at the MAD Festival

Meanwhile, at stage 2, or as we call it Calaloo, ringing it in Royal Style at Fernhills Palace was VAYALI, a Kerala based Bamboo Orchestra. Melodious, soothing and calm, no better ask on a serene morning under a tree at the MAD Festival at Ooty.

Then came rolling in with bursts of colour was SWARATHMA and their music with a message. The MAD festival got MADDER with SWARATHMA doling out music that got the crowd jumping for more. 

Swarathma performing at the MAD festival

Swarathma performing at the MAD festival

As the sun slowly went down, a walk through the woods and through Ooty’s very own funky bazaar at the MAD festival was truly beautiful.

The evening only got better with power packed performances by RAGHU DIXIT PROJECT and INDIAN OCEAN. With the sudden surge of people it was evident they knew what they wanted and did not go back unsatisfied.

Day 1 saw a magnificent end… only to let us know what we have in store for the next 2 days!

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“We use to dream of par…